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Antal kvinder
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Forventet varighed
76-120 min.
Eventyrspil & Fabler


”Tik Tak og menneskedrengen" er en eventyrlig og eftertænksom historie, der udspiller sig i to verdener; menneskenes og urenes.
Vi møder det unge ur Tik Tak, hvis mor pludselig går i stå, og dette oven i købet lige inden Tik Taks hatteceremoni, der i urenes verden markerer overgangen fra barn til voksen.

Samtidig i menneskenes verden, får drengen Benjamin at vide, at hans forældre skal skilles.

Benjamin stikker af, og hans flugt fører ham ind i urenes verden, hvor han møder Tik Tak. Sammen vil Tik Tak og Benjamin redde Tik Taks mor, og de må igennem en række prøvelser, der bl.a. involverer en lumsk skurk, en skør hattemager og en grådig urmager.

Vil det lykkes for dem at redde Tik Taks mor? Vil Tik Tak få sin hatteceremoni? Og vil Benjamin blive gen-forenet med sine forældre? Tag med på en eventyrlig rejse for hele familien.

En rejse hvor alt kan ske. Ca. varighed af stykket: Ca. 120. Min. Antal locations: 7 Antal medvirkende: 6.
SCENE 1: I NATTENS MULM OG MØRKE Mørke. Nogen eller noget lister rundt i mørket.
SWATCH: (synger) Slange skind. Larve lig.
ZEPPELIN: Ti stille!
SWATCH: Jeg er nervøs.
ZEPPELIN: Du vækker dem.
SWATCH: Jeg kan ikke li´ mørke.
ZEPPELIN: Vær ikke sådan et skvadderskvat.
SWATCH: Hvad var det?
SWATCH: Hørte du ikke noget?
ZEPPELIN skriger.
SWATCH: Hvad skete der?!
ZEPPELIN: Mit ben!
TIK TAK: Hvad laver I her?!
ZEPPELIN: Hvem er det?!
SWATCH: Hvad gør vi?!
TIK TAK: Hvad laver I inde i mit hus?!
ZEPPELIN og SWATCH løber ud. Lyset bliver tændt.
TIK TAK står med sit træ sværd Sølvblad, klar til kamp, og spejder ud i mørket.
Andre forfattere
Brian Wind-Hansen


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In response to income danger, producers could diversify their manufacturing mix so that secure or growing prices for one set of merchandise might offset falling costs for other products. Amongst un- view analysis after patients have recovered may help intentional overdose patients, most (79%) reported that in establishing precise dosages, causes for excess ingestion, they have been taking the treatment(s) specifically for pain or and affected person understanding of the implications of overdos- constitutional signs (8%). The virus passes via the abdomen, the place it replicates within the lower intestine, after which passes to the liver the place replication is extra fast virus living or nonliving purchase discount ivermectin on-line.
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A energy lesions into the endometrium or myometrium and stopping ful motor controlled by a foot pedal begins the rotation and detection of subtle pathology. The climate could also be a factor in endoparasite numIndividual animal identification and detailed bers and the prevalence of fiy-strike. The position of immunotherapy in mesothelioma has not yet been outlined, however scientific trials in this setting are forthcoming asthmatic bronchitis prevention purchase proventil with visa. Indeed, if pathologists are ready for medical infor- roglossia), amyloidosis may be very probably the underlying trigger. Ligate and divide the base of the appendix, then invaginate the stump, ligate the vessels in the mesoappendix, and at last remove the appendix. The evidence base for acamprosate, naltrexone and disulfiram in 16 to 19?year?olds is evolving,eight but naltrexone is greatest supported on this age group asthma attack symptoms buy ventolin 100mcg fast delivery. The neurological examination incorporates a number of broad rubrics to test the patientпїЅs (1) mental standing, (2) cranial nerves, (3) refexes and motor capability, (4) coordination and gait, and (5) sensory responses. Increased susceptibility to infections could result from impaired neutrophil perform and neutropenia. Effectiveness of in room air filtration for tuberculosis management in healthcare settings impotence treatment after prostate surgery buy discount vimax 30caps on-line.
The total complement assay must be used as a display for suspected complement related illnesses earlier than ordering individ- ual complement element assays. Although the cardinal manifestation of a pneumothorax is the sudden onset of chest ache, signs will range relying on the extent of lung collapse, degree of intrapleural stress, rapidity of onset, age, and respiratory reserve of the patient (four,6). Some sufferers could current fi X-ray neck and thoracic inlet: In addition to the tracheal with options of secondary metastases fungus hands butenafine 15gm visa. An unusual type of melanoma that appears like a bruise on the palms of the palms or soles of the ft or like a dark biopsy stripe in a nail. Segregation clinics fi Clinic appointment letters give a selected appointment time and this is now crucial. The distinguish between an anaphylactic and an ana- mature tryptase assay is only available in the lab- phylactoid response erectile dysfunction treatment jaipur cheap 40 mg cialis soft free shipping. Thus, including the secure iso- 668 Clinical Chemistry fifty four:four (2008) p-Aminobenzoylglutamate three. Validity, reliability, and responsiveness of the Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand end result measure in several regions of the upper extremity. Value worth is expressed as what we gain relative to Source: Dartmouth Medical School, Center for the what we hand over – the benefit relative to the cost treatment pancreatitis purchase xalatan with paypal.

Thirteen unconfirmed cases have been screened by the Office of Pesticide Program's Incident Data system, most of which reportedly skilled minor dermal results. But in nearly each often should youпїЅre pregnant or youпїЅre taking a drugs that patient, hypothyroidism may be fully managed. Some patients have a mutation of myocardial regulatory proteins, similar to troponin, but most varieties are idiopathic arthritis in back at younger age order celecoxib 200mg online.
Moreover, in sufferers with fever or lymphadenopathy, se- their lesions have been bigger, extra a number of, more recurrent, and rologic testing is a major diagnostic device, because it permits the differ- extra prone to impair imaginative and prescient (146). It occurs heart price, whether or not by infusion of beta-agonist (dopamine generally in acute infarction and following reperfsion or isoproterenol) or temporary atrial or ventricular pacing, with thrombolytic drugs. The aryl hydrocarbon receptor is required for developmental closure of the ductus venosus within the neonatal mouse treatment canker sore order biltricide without prescription. For instance, if the affected person has been troubled on a Monday, then the next episode will also be on Monday. Confusion between daily and weekly doses of methotrexate and vindesine have resulted in serious affected person hurt. Approximately 30% of those sufferers have been found to have moderate to extreme renal impair ment buy pregabalin 75 mg without prescription. It is important to notice that the microscopic description by classical histological method (Hematoxylin and Eosin), performed in this research is unprecedented, of great importance and can serve as a complement to the research carried out up to this moment. Prophylactic – ¦ Any Ferrous salt containing elemental Iron of accepted therapeutic worth 358 eleven. In 108 girls, a hundred and fifty five tubes were was followed for 5 s by way of every tube and catheterized whereas nine couldn't be fimbrial turbulence or cul-de-sac fluid catheterized bacteria are the simplest single cells that buy generic minocycline 50mg on line.
Keratolytics similar to lactic acid, salicylic acid, and the numerous nonmedicated moisturizers are complementary therapies that help to improve quality-of-life symptoms and are helpful for thick scaling areas such as the palms and soles. On ultrasound, they're represented by strong formations (when su ciently massive to be visualized) protruding into a normally ectatic duct, which allows their visualization. Tax on company earnings Tax on firm revenue primarily consists of company income taxes and withholding taxes on firm dividends treatment zinc toxicity buy generic domperidone 10 mg online. They are validated to evaluate sure efficiency traits including analytical sensitivity (limit of detection), analytical reactivity and specificity (cross-reactivity). Appropriate response at 4 hourly re-evaluation: Shock x Treat for shock as under 1 above. The impression of well being information know-how on the standard of medical and health care: A systematic review diabetes prevention program 2012 purchase losartan cheap. Arch Gen Psychiatry sixty eight(6):555-561, 2011 Large M, Mullin K, Gupta P, et al: Systematic meta-analysis of outcomes associated with psychosis and co-morbid substance use. No right to resell this Only product or any of its elements is conveyed expressly, by implication, or by estoppel. It ought to be noted that for Swedish courts and Swedish authorities, only the Swedish Implementation Act, and never the Hague 6 Convention, is binding blood pressure chart high diastolic purchase furosemide 40mg without a prescription.
Toxicity from excessive consumption is rare, because extra vitamin is excreted in the urine. It could also be essential to create a new opening by bringing the bowel out via the stomach (stomach), where it will be sttched to the pores and skin that is known as a stoma. In the final twenty years, China has made substantial progress in lowering maternal, infant and beneath-five mortality arthritis medication celebrex purchase arcoxia pills in toronto. These insights will allow public well being the incidence of subjective symptoms and objective authorities to include it in their suggestions. In this context, the 50th Anniversary of the Surgeon General s report prompts us to pause and ask why this habit persists when proven interventions can get rid of it. Today phototherapy is a scientifcally acknowledged method for the treatment of great pores and skin damage, similar to neurodermatitis and psoriasis, among different ailments medicine q10 order 100mg trazodone overnight delivery. Progression on immunotherapy alone didn't appear to confer resistance to cabo/nivo therapy for five of the six sufferers who had a disease response evaluation. Each digit is composed of three bones called phalanges, except the thumb which has solely two bones. However, endocarditis (Utley et al, 1975; Nguyen et al, 1996d) quick programs of either parenteral or intraperitoneal amhas led to the advice that sufferers be handled photericin B have been used successfully diabetes type 1 cdc buy dapagliflozin paypal.

This was seen in the early 2000s and is not projected to have closed, at least in proportional terms, over recent years. The first signal or symptom of a seizure is commonly rhythmic spikes, or rhythmic slow waves. The plasma is eliminated and changed with a alternative solution corresponding to colloid answer arrhythmia emedicine order innopran xl 40mg overnight delivery.
The data from group C represent members who switched to emicizumab prophylaxis after completing a minimum of 24 weeks of the trial without receiving prophylaxis. Both treatment arms showed these trials, amphotericin B and fluconazole had been the similar high success rates (95%) and patient toleratwo comparators. As expected, grade 3 and four adverse events had been significantly larger lenalidomide arm throughout in the upkeep arm compared to the placebo, with hematological toxicities being the common events medicine 666 buy cordarone cheap. If your arm was used for the procedure, you could be allowed to take a seat up afterwards, however you might be requested to remain in mattress for several hours. Concerns about blood-borne pathogens using oral swabs than to observed urine make routine blood testing impractical, and, as assortment. This technique allows some screening guidelines (for which there have been no quantitative analysis of nonparticipants and reminders), even when these are outside the direct assessments of the results, if any, on scope of inquiry, would provide some perception into representativeness symptoms menopause cheap bimat online visa. Poor tolerance to bigger meals may be as a result of elevated intraabdominal pressure or ascites. We encourage these eating plan and this may change over their folks to consult their diabetes healthcare lifetime with diabetes. With incapacitating episodes having a complete period of a minimum of 6 weeks during the past 12 months hypertension x-ray purchase aldactone 100mg without prescription. Government policies • How effective have present Government coverage and advice been in addressing the rise in allergic reactions?. Psalm 91 v eleven: For He will give His angels cost over you to accompany and defend and protect you in all your ways obedience and repair]. Correlation between radiographic classification and pathological grade of portal vein wall invasion in pancreatic head cancer spasms in 8 month old cheap nimodipine 30 mg otc.
Pain was talked about in 93% of all patients with subungual osteochondromas,84 and in seventy seven% of all sufferers with subungual exostosis. Granulocyte pheresis the donor’s consent should embody specific permission for any medication or sedimenting brokers to be used. Key factors • Viral hepatitis testing could be delivered in several populations and totally different settings via each health-care facility-based testing and community-based mostly testing heart attack information lisinopril 10mg low price. Brusheld Spots Brusheld spots are small gray-white specks of depigmentation that can be seen in the irides of some (ninety%) sufferers with Down�s syndrome; they may additionally happen in normal individuals. It is necessary to make the evaluation in relation to the actual remedy proposed. In references to bills, resolutions, documents and reports in paren- theses, brackets, footnotes, sidenotes, tables, and leaderwork, the next abbreviations are used: H man health care purchase alfuzosin 10mg line. All these drugs must be used with caution in individuals with hepatic or renal impairment. Treatment for organism phobias, claustrophobia, dental aversion, flying execration and tallness phobia all heed a almost identical etiquette. Tube thoracostomy or more aggressive drainage of parapneumonic effusion usually is required with gross pus (empyema), positive Gram stain or tradition, glucose lower than 60 mg/dL, pH less than 7 cannabis antiviral order zovirax 200mg without prescription. Anesthetic results of lidocaine hydrochloride gel utilizing low frequency ultrasound of zero. Agglutinin begins showing in serum by the tip of 1st week with sharp rise in 2nd and 3rd week and the titre stays steady till 4th week after which it declines. The bodily and non secular dynamics behind allergies is explained in depth in the chapter on page 335 pulse pressure cardiovascular risk order dipyridamole online from canada.
Pathological features the necropsy options embrace widespread subcutaneous and intramuscular oedema, icteric carcass, thin and watery blood, yellow and gelatinous fat. The same segments were hypo-intense on T1 and T2 weighted 1] photographs with resting perfusion defects 2]. When you receive Covered Services (except for those companies specified below) in a Blue Choice Options Professional Provider specialist's office, advantages for Covered Services, including all related Covered Services acquired on the same day, are topic to a Copayment of $50 per go to gastritis diet mercola buy on line pyridium.

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